AT TAYLOR'S: Sim Jia Kent (JiaKent.Sim@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Dignity For Children Foundation (dignity@dignityforchildren.org)
Dignity For Children is one of Kuala Lumpur’s largest schools for refugee children. Without regard for race, religion, or country of origin, Dignity’s caring teachers and support staff provide a quality education for children from pre-school to Year 12. But what they cannot provide is outdoor excursions into Kuala Lumpur’s many parks, museums, and exhibitions. For that they need caring partners in the larger community of schools. One of those caring partners is Taylor’s College, Sri Hartamas, whose Rotaract Club joined hands with Dignity in contributing to the construction of a memorable experience by inviting them along on an excursion to Aquaria KLCC. As the children from Dignity could not possibly afford such a trip, Rotaract conducted fundraising activities on behalf of the children.

Looks of awe and unpretentious interest were prominent on the faces of the children while observing the wondrous diversity of Nature; ranging from the deadly electric eels, stingrays and piranhas to the humorous and bizarre horseshoe crabs and sea cucumbers. Walking through the transparent tunnel surrounded by glass, containing various sea creatures, drew further expressions of awe and childish wonderment from the kids.
As an extra treat, they were fortunate enough to arrive at the feeding station in time to see sharks and other fearsome creatures eat right out of the hands of the scuba divers in the tank. After the children had seen everything they could – several times! – they went outside for lunch themselves, once again the students from Sri Hartamas providing this free of charge from the funds that Rotaract has previous collected for the outing. The event continued with a friendly bonding session between the members and those belonging to the Dignity Foundation with some friendly and not too strenuous games. At the end of a very long and enjoyable day, the children boarded their bus for the return trip to their school.  
Rotaract leader and student president Joshua Low explains what this outreach meant. “This trip was an eye-opener, as many students at Sri Hartamas were previously unaware of the many refugee and underprivileged children in Malaysia. Of course Malaysia is not unique in having refugees. Worldwide there are something like 15 million refugees and nearly half of them are children. Hopefully, our example in successfully organizing this project will set an example for those in charge of future projects in making this world a better place.” Sri Hartamas is proud of the community service projects that the Rotaract Club is engaged in, and encourages others to participate in impacting the world for good.
Those looking to join with him in this or any other community service outreach project at Sri Hartamas can contact him through the ECA at 03-6203 0168, or by email at Valarmathy Sarvanan Valarmathy.Sarvanan@taylors.edu.my

Written by Joshua Low