AT TAYLOR'S: Sim Jia Kent (JiaKent.Sim@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Stepping Stones Living Centre (j_rajahser@hotmail.com)

Recently twelve student members of the Rotaract Club along with Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas principal, Ms. Lauren Wilson visited Stepping Stones Living Centre in Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur. The Centre was established in 1998 as a home for children who came from dysfunctional and broken homes. The Centre, managed by Pastor Johnson also cares for distressed mothers, widows and seniors. At present there are around 100 residents under Pastor Johnson’s care and the Centre’s sustainability is entirely dependent on donations from the public. During their visit the students were shocked by the crowded living conditions, and upset that these children had to live under such trying circumstances.

Joshua Low, President of TCSH Rotaract Club and the trip leader explains, “We only interacted with the children that day. They were all aged between 5-16 years. We were very touched when we received the warm welcome from all the staff of the orphanage. All the kids were so eager to be with us, as if they met their own relatives after a long time. The children stared at us eagerly as we walked in, anticipating the activities that were planned for them. We started with an ice-breaking game where the children in a circle were told to say their name, their age and a fun fact about themselves. It appeared to the volunteers that there were a handful of the children are interested in sports.”


The game which followed by were ‘Chinese Whisperer’ and ‘Murderer’. For the last game, the children were divided into four groups of six, and they were told to act out stories from selected story books like The Lion King, Aladdin, Hansel and Gretel and The Tweleve Dancing Princesses. “The children planned the scene they would act, since of course, there wasn’t time to act out the entire book. The kids enthusiastically chose the characters they wanted and Group 1 even had a lion king song incorporated into the middle of the play. Once the children were ready, group by group they performed. Though the play wasn’t flawless, most importantly is that the kids had fun, and they worked well together. It was really great to see some of the older kids being considerate of the younger ones. One of the older boys got the role of Lion King by drawing lots, but he let a 5 year older boy have the role, just out of kindness, which really touched our hearts,” added Joshua.

At the end of the day, chocolates were distributed to the children as a reward for their brilliant performance and good behavior. “Neither of volunteers wanted to go and we couldn’t wait to be back to see the kids, to whom we had gotten attached to just by spending an afternoon together. It was great to see all the kids enjoying themselves and laughing so much. It was truly and unforgettable trip for all of us and really put a wide smile on our faces. The feelings and emotions we experienced through this trip is something money can’t buy. Those kids instilled a sense of positivity and compassion in all of us. We should have an optimistic approach towards our life, value everything we have and be appreciative to God for all that He has given us.”

To know more about the trip and other activities hosted by TCSH Rotaract Club, please contact current club President, Joshua Low at aung.low@gmail.com. For more information about Stepping Stones Living Centre, or if you’d like to make a contribution to the Centre, kindly contact Pastor Johnson or Mr Suresh at j_rajahser@hotmail.com or visit http://www.hati.my/children/stepping-stones-living-center/

Written by Joshua Low