AT TAYLOR'S: Reuben Cheong (ReubenDeShen.Cheong@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: WACKY (wacky.tc@gmail.com)

The Heart Rock Carnival is a fundraising project held annually by the Welfare and Charity Keen Youths’ Society (WACKY). Initially a concert, the event turned into a themed carnival last year and continued in the same vein for 2014. This year the organizing team decided to go for a ‘Movie Mania’ theme, with all decorations and items sold were inspired from movies such as the Hunger Games, the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Conjuring, and other recent film blockbusters. Held in August at TCSJ’s campus, this year’s Heart Rock Carnival aimed to raise RM10,000 which will go to the underprivileged Cambodian students of the Savong Foundation, TCSJ’s  A Sport of Love and the Pillow of Love project.

The carnival began with an opening zombie dance by a group of contemporary dancers called ‘A Dream of Six’. The event was officiated by President of TCSJ, Mr Lim Tou Boon and other VIPs of TCSJ. A total of 34 stalls were set up along with five external vendors. Among the interesting the stalls set up by WACKY were the Ollivanders Wand Shop that sold handmade wands, Nightlock Berry Smoothie Stall, Game of Thrones Stall and a Conjuring Haunted Maze. There was also an awareness booth that gave out free bookmarkers and got the visitors to jot down things they were thankful for on post-it notes. 

Samantha Lim, this year’s lead student organizer shared, “We are grateful to have support from other clubs and societies and would like to sincerely convey our appreciation to all the clubs and societies involved. We would like to express our great gratitude to Extreme Park for being the largest supporter of our event and by sponsoring all of our expenses for the event.” The highlight of the event was stage performances by the Rejuvenate Dance Crew and Shawn Lee, who not only performed during the event, but also donated to the cause.
Crowds were intrigued by their entertaining performances, and there was a long queue to meet the celebrities during their meet and greet. In collaboration with BrandThink Malaysia, a team of Halloween Horror Nights scare actors from Universal Studio Singapore with their elaborate costumes and makeup were the “icing on the cake” at the event. Raffle tickets were also sold, which entitled ticket holders to win attractive prizes including an iPod Nano and a Polaroid camera.

Overall, the event went well and organizers received many positive comments from the crowd. Heart Rock Carnival: Movie Mania successfully raised over RM16,000, which well-exceeded their target. Shuet Ling, another one of the student organizers notes, “We also have many sponsors to thank for as they have donated most of our prizes and giveaways. We would like to thank the awesome team at the Student Development Centre for their continuing guidance and support throughout the event. Without them this event would not have been much of a success.”

For more information regarding Heart Rock Carnival: Movie Mania, please contact Samantha Lim (samanthalim21@gmail.com), Han Shuet Ling (shuetlinghan@live.com) or Emily Chen (emily-cwt@hotmail.com

 Written by Samantha Lim