AT TAYLOR'S: Reuben Cheong (ReubenDeShen.Cheong@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Canadian Pre-U Programme (admissions@taylors.edu.my)
The Canadian Pre-University Program (CPU) Jumble Sale started as a Taylor’s College Charity Drive that was organized by all three programs at Taylor's College Subang Jaya. The representatives for CPU were Gan Yen Sen, Joanne Ho Yen Yen, and Foo Lei Ha. When CPU moved to our current campus at Wisma Subang Jaya the tradition continued, with leadership being assumed by Queenie Wong. The theme for the CPU charity stall is “No Money out, 100% Profit in” and many efforts in increasing sales and variety of goods were suggested. “We use to even plant little trees, flowers, and other ornamental plants at the garden in Main Campus and then dig them out to sell them off,” said Joanne Ho, Current CPU Data Management Teacher, “It was environmental friendly as we collected seeds and had the fun with students to grow plants while teaching mathematics.” 

With the new campus given for our program, the charity sale of the CPU section evolved its name to CPU Jumble Sale. Once every year, the charity sale is still very popular for students to enjoy the learning of how a business may start while helping the community by raising funds for the Bario Sarawak Foundation. Over the years, the CPU Jumble Sale itself has raised over RM25,000 for the Bario Sarawak Foundation and other Charity Foundations.

Every year, unwanted goods are collected by an army of CPU students from all corners of Taylor’s College running around with boxes and bags of clothing, books, stationary, toys, jewelry, electronics, awkward items, such as Christmas trees, stoves, and suitcases, donated by anonymous teachers and students at Taylor’s College. Students also volunteer to help clean areas of the CPU Campus and would donate lost goods to the CPU Jumble Sale if they were unclaimed for a certain amount of time. The goods would be reviewed and added into a stock list recorded by students and cleaned and organized for the day of the sale. Students also led the discussion of pricing the goods.
The CPU Jumble Sale starts as early as 7:30am with students and teachers helping to set up the stalls and place the items for sale. “We’ve had many funny stories of students and even teachers trying to negotiate prices,” said Queenie Wong, current CPU Advanced Functions teacher, “I remember a group of MARA scholars scream ‘SINGETT!!! SINGETT!!!’ (for single ringgit) in the final minutes before we finally donate the goods to another charity home. Back in the day, Miss Foo had so many strategies to persuade our interested buyers, she will walk over to the clients dress them up in their interested jewelry while negotiating and provide special offers to buy the jewelry. There was always laughter in stalls when Miss Foo was in action.” After ten hours of continuous selling and buying, all products are usually sold and sent to their new homes any other leftover goods are donated to charity homes and churches where they can be distributed to the poor.

This year, the CPU Jumble Sale will take place on 20 October 2014 just before Deepavali.  We welcome all to come by to Wisma Subang Jaya where Taylor’s CPU is located and find any treasures of your liking. We also welcome anyone who may want to donate any unwanted items that CPU can use to raise funds for the Bario Sarawak Foundation. Please contact Queenie Wong at  QueenieWong.ChiWah@taylors.edu.my