AT TAYLOR'S: Reuben Cheong (ReubenDeShen.Cheong@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: United Learning Centre (mink.business@gmail.com)
Wacky Week 2015 was a charity fundraiser held by the members of Welfare and Charity Keen Youths’ Society (WACKY) society from 26th to 30th of January 2015. The event took place in the open area of the Collaborative Learning Zone at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (TCSJ) campus, from 9am to 4pm daily.  With incredible support from the students and  the enthusiastic volunteers who helped to man the booths, Wacky Week 2015 managed to sell out all 250 WACKY Club T-shirt, 110 mugs and 160 jars on sale, where 80% of the profit earned was donated to the United Learning  Centre.  
Under Wacky Week 2015, there were Mugs Of Love 2.0 - a remake of a WACKY’s past 2013 event Mugs Of Love, where students can hand paint their own mug and let it serve as a memento from the event; and Jar Of Hearts – an event where we ask students to write a heartfelt message to the people they cherish and we will help them to deliver it, together with a beautifully decorated jar of chocolates as a token of appreciation. Besides that, WACKY T-shirt with the message ‘WACKOS UNITE’ printed on was also on sale to all Taylorians where we hope all ‘Wackos’ (a name for members of WACKY) will unite and together we can reach out and make a difference. We also helped United Learning Centre to sell hand painted bookmarks at 3 for RM10.
The attractive point of the event is that there were colourful giant cardboard block letters of the word ‘WACKY’ placed beside the booths of WACKY Week, which were completely handmade by the organising committee members. The whole construction process from collecting unwanted cardboards from Subang Jaya shops, cutting, wrapping and hot-glue the cardboard letters them to three-dimensional form took them 6 nights, which were approximately 24 hours. The giant WACKY block letters served as a successful publicising prop as they are eye-catching enough to attract Taylorians to the booths and sparked their interest towards WACKY Society.
Han Ai Leen, the organising chairperson shared, “We hope to convey the message ‘Reminisce the past, Appreciate and live the present’ through WACKY Week whereby ‘Mugs Of Love 2.0’ symbolises the ‘past’ and ‘Jars Of Hearts’ represents the ‘present’. I would like to express my gratitude to the ever so supportive organising committee members from the planning stage dated back to October 2014 to the project execution phase, it would be impossible for me to run the event smoothly without the amazing team who believed and trusted in me. I would also like to shout out a big thank you to Lee Yi Wei, See Lee Xin, Tiew Ming Chun and Goh Ze Ming who selflessly sacrificed their time to build the giant WACKY block letters which turned out to be really solid and beautiful. Besides, we are also grateful to Blitz Gym who generously sponsored this event.”
WACKY Week 2015 successfully raised over RM3,300, which surpassed  their target whereby RM2,700 will be donated to United Learning Centre, a Myanmar Refugee Children Society run by a group of individuals. They provide shelter, food and education for over 70 young refugee children from Myanmar so as to protect them from the danger of human traffickers. 

For more information regarding WACKY Week 2015, please contact Han Ai Leen (leen_1127@hotmail.com). WACKY's many projects and events are updated in their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WackyCharity 

Written by Han Ai Leen.