AT TAYLOR'S: Project Coordinator for CSR (steve.wise@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Principal Dora Tigan (skbario@gmail.com)
Building a hostel in a region as remote at Bario in Sarawak presents unique challenges in design and construction. With road travel restricted to the dry season, and even at best a 14 hour drive to the coast, materials must be either be brought in through costly air transport, or obtained locally. Bario Hostel Project Manager Evan Horsnel and Quantitative Surveyor Stanley Chin recognized these challenges in the planning and execution of this project. As project partners with Taylor’s Education Group, these core members of 3-Face Sdn. Bhd. have been involved in some of Taylor’s most important building initiatives, such as the Lakeside Campus of Taylor’s University and the new Taylor’s International School in Puchong.
Employing a local contractor, Shep Bala, and working closely with Elementary School principal, Dora Tigan, Evan and Stanley conceived a project that would access local material and take advantage of traditional techniques in the laying of foundations and the splicing together of local timber. By arranging for the logging and drying of wood from an abundant supply in nearby forests, the cost of this project was greatly reduced. By using local labour, much needed employment was provided to local residents, who have taken enormous pride in the structures that are being constructed in their village.
The vision for this project was provided by Taylor’s CEO and Managing Director, Dato’ Loy Teik Ngan, who is spearheading the effort. Dato' Loy’s vision encompasses and inspires a whole range of community service initiatives across Taylor's, but this one is close to his heart. “If we can provide a home for children while they study, we can ensure that more of them can improve their lives. This is why we have adopted the motto ‘Give the children an education. Build them a hostel.’ For these children, it is their hope for the future.”

Dato' Loy seeks to inspire others with the vision of how education can change lives and give people hope. Taylor’s Education Group is committed to the completion of this project, and welcomes the contributions of individuals and corporations in this worthy effort. Financial contributions can be directed to the charitable foundation set up for this purpose, and are deductible for income tax purposes. Please direct inquiries concerning individual or corporate donations to SiewChin.Ho@taylors.edu.my

Written by Stephen Wise