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About 40 leaders across the Group were involved in a six months leadership development programme organised by Group Human Resource. The Taylor's Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a blended, cohort‐based program designed to help organizations transform good managers into great leaders. To put their results to the test, cohorts who were divided into six sub-teams, were assigned to run a CSR project at PPR Sri Pantai by Taylor's Community under Group Communications and CSR department, to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquire during the program.

The first project, called "Bengkel Motivasi ​Remaja: Inspirasikan Diri Anda", in English translation means "Motivational Workshop: Inspire Yourself" was executed on 25th February by Taylor's BLP Team 2 members. The workshop aimed to create self-awareness, creative thinking, learning and soft skills of the PPR Sri Pantai secondary schools' children. Team 2 coordinated a group of eight volunteers from Genesis Educational and Taylor's University Student Council. Fun, interactive activities such as river crossing and icebreaker: Chaser and Runner were devised to engage with the children at the community.


Taylor's BLP team 2 leader, Leonard Lim shared, "We see Taylor's as an education group to help the younger generations to be better leaders of tomorrow. Our team want to help them get out of their current situation of underprivileged and lack of childhood education." Duncan Tsen, a student volunteer from Taylor's University School of Computing & IT added, "I hope that the children will carry on what they have learnt here as it will bring them very far in the future."

The event ended successfully with participation of more than 30 children from the PPR Sri Pantai community.​