AT TAYLOR'S: Shamini Velayuthan (marketing@aism.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Good Shepherd Community Centre (info@goodshepherd.my)
Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) organizes an annual Walkathon to raise money for the various social causes that they support. This is the for the 4th consecutive year for the Walkathon, which was held on 18th June 2014. It was a community wide event that brought the whole school together for a good cause. This year’s Walkathon was for the benefit of the children of Sabah, through a community service project called the Matilda Project. 
The Matilda Project has been an on-going commitment for AISM since 2010 and aims to provide educational opportunities to the children of Sabah in East Malaysia. The project sponsors the education of 30 children in Asrama Desa Pukak (ADP) as well as the house parents who look after them at the hostel which is managed by the Good Shepherd Foundation. Through this project, AISM has helped to raisemore than RM60,000  yearly for the children. These proceeds help to pay for the cost the children living in ADP, a hostel where they stay during week that enables these village children to go to school.

As part of the school’s service learning initiative and commitment towards the Matilda Project, students and staff make trips to Sabah. During these trips, they have helped to refurbish the hostel, taught English, and organised learning activities which have helped them bond with the children. With this year’s theme “World Cup Soccer”, everyone came dressed in their favourite football country’s jerseys and walking boots. Students, staff and parents of AISM participated in the event and successfully raised RM42,646.35. Everyone must be congratulated on their spirit of giving and getting sponsorship from friends and family in offering support and educational opportunities to the students at ADP in Sabah.

Those who would like more information on how to sponsor a child’s education and wish to have more details about the walkathon or Matilda project can contact Ms Colleen Derham at colleend@aism.edu.my

Written by Amelia Ooi