AT TAYLOR'S: Brenon Johnstone (johnstone.b@nexus.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: The Suka Society (enquiry@sukasociety.org)

The 24 Hour Race is an international youth-focused endurance event aimed at combatting human trafficking. Since 2010, the 24 Hour Races have engaged more than 1,500,000 youth worldwide in the fight against human trafficking, and raised more than USD300,000 for anti-human trafficking charities in the process. Locally this race is being organized by Running to Stop the Traffik, a charity driven by the talent, commitment and compassion of young people. The majority of its participants, directors and organizers are students and young adults who believe that through education, interaction and participation, young people can develop a strong social conscience and become active, positive influences in tomorrow’s world.

Kuala Lumpur held its first race at Nexus International School Malaysia (NISM) from 9am November 15th to 9am November 16th with over 250 runners participating from various schools. Together, the students in KL ran a total of 6,027 kilometers for 24 hours non-stop, which was equivalent to the distance between Malaysia and Dubai. Under the horrendous weather, either extremely hot or rapid thunder and rain, the students continued running for 24 hours. Between the 3 cities (Hong KongSingapore, and Kuala Lumpur), there were about 1,500 students involved and together they ran over 20,000 kilometers to end modern day slavery. 


In the lead up to the event, Mr. Brenon Johnstone, Nexus’ team leader, led a fundraising effort, which culminated in a sum of around RM 4,000 which will be split between two organisations; The Suka Society and Running to Stop Traffik. There were nine other international schools involved in the event, all of which played a huge part throughout. Nexus’ race team consisted of a team of sixteen, where they competed in a relay from 9 am on Saturday the 15th through to Sunday 9 am the next morning. During the event there were highs and lows, most of the positives were when passing the baton on to the next runner and best of all the end of the race, as the satisfaction of running non-stop for 24 hours was incredible. The lows were in the physical pain, like blisters and muscle injuries.

Along with all the other schools that participated in the event, the Nexus team showed great resilience and didn’t stop until the whole 24 hours was up, displaying our determination and commitment throughout the team as a whole. All of the schools collectively ran 6,027km over the 24 hours, whilst Nexus alone ran with the girls 437 laps combined. It developed our strong leadership and collaborative teamwork skills, sportsmanship and integrity.

In conclusion, the entire event and the lead up to it allowed young individuals to be proactive and to make a conscious effort to contribute towards and take action for a global issue, using whatever power they possess now. Race Director Kasumi Higewake, of Taylor’s Garden International School were assisted by Khadijah Malek, Francis Calalang, Sarah Jabir, Nicole Lee, Shu Mae Teh, and Tabinda Shah in organizing this year’s race. For more information please visit www.24hourrace.org or contact Mr. Brenon Johnstone at johnstone.b@nexus.edu.my

Written by Stephen Wise