AT TAYLOR'S: Claire Heap (heap.c@nexus.edu.my)
On Saturday, 25th April 2015 a massive 7.8 earthquake magnitude struck central Nepal, causing fatalities, injuries, and significant structural damage. It severely shook the lives of at least 5.3million people and left many homeless. Thousands of children and families are in urgent need of support following the 25th April quake and subsequent aftershocks. More than 9,000 people have been killed and thousands have been injured. Entire homes have been reduced to rubble, forcing families to sleep in the open, exposed to the elements. Nepal’s major cities, including the capital Kathmandu, have been badly damaged and rural areas near the epicentre have been completely cut off by avalanches and landslides.

Within our community there are a number of Nepalese colleagues with families who have been directly affected by the disaster and have been sleeping outside since the first earthquake struck as their homes have been destroyed. With the monsoon season due to begin in June the need to support these families is more desperate than ever. Aiming to raise RM40,000 by the end of term 3, teachers and students of Nexus International School Malaysia (NISM)  joined hands in meeting the goal in order to provide enough funds for each family to take steps towards rebuilding their homes and lives whilst supporting their Nepalese community at NISM. 
As of 12 June 2015, the school managed to raise an incredible amount of RM28,000 through awareness campaigns, class donations and the many fundraising activities within the last two months.

Lunchtime Sale by Girl Guides (14th May 2015)
The Girl Guides sale of craft items and baked goods on Thursday, 1th May was a huge success. Over RM600 were raised. Originally, the sale was planned to raise funds for the Girl Guides activities. However the two earthquakes in Nepal then occurred and they voted to donate 50 percent of the proceeds from thriving sale to the relief efforts. The Guides presented Student Council President, Lynn Ann Ong with a RM300 donation at the end of their event.
Sponge the Teacher and A Giant Coin Snake (21 May 2015)
On 21st May 2015, the Year 3 classes in Primary took part in the two events. Students could pay to throw wet sponges at their teachers, who braved their dignity for charity. A successful sponge-ing won the throwers a selection box, as well as the admiration of their fellow students! The students also managed to collect RM2,000 worth of coins through the other event.

Run For Nepal (16th June 2015)
On Tuesday morning of 16th June, the Early Years and Primary learners took part in the Run For Nepal, where they ran to the picnic park with their class teachers as well as several specialist teachers. The run, and the sales of the running T-shirts over RM3,000, was to raise funds for the Nepal victims and to replace the annual Terry Fox Run. Running route was very simple and it has a bit of an ‘after-party’ where the primary learners played and ate in the park, picnic style. Parents of the students were told to provide food and drinks to be shared with peers during the picnic.

The Online Art Auction (19th – 25th June 2015)
Various memorable, recent and past artworks that have been exhibited about the school were up for auction from 19th June for a week. The bidding was opened on the 19th to secondary learners, all admin and staff and all parents of the Nexus community.
The school will be continuing their fundraising activities until the end of term 3. Those who wished to contribute or have any ideas for fundraising initiatives may contact project coordinator Ms Claire Heap at heap.c@nexus.edu.my or Mr Stephen Maniam at maniam.s@nexus.edu.my

Written by Amelia Ooi