Mauro George Brooks

Mauro Brooks joined Nexus International School Putrajaya (NISP) in August 2009 as a Head of Art. He is an enthusiastic and experienced Art teacher from the UK. He graduated from the Wimbledon School of Art and then worked as an Art Director and scenic designer in London. Mauro has been teaching in international schools for over 15 years; working at schools in Rome, Italy (Marymount International School) in year 2000 till 2007  and Mumbai, India (Ecole Mondiale World School) in year 2007 for two years, trained in IGCSE and IB levels for both Visual Arts and Design Technology. Prior to that, Mauro was attached with St. Geoge’s British International School in Rome, Italy for two years, where he taught Design and Technology GSCE Cambridge and Art and Design GSCE Cambridge

Mr Brooks enjoys working with NISP learners, helping them to develop their artistic potential and broaden their creative skills by showing them how to use a variety of materials in the formal arts. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge in Information Technology guiding learners with different and diverse ways of making art by using some Computer-Aided Design techniques.

Mr Mauro Brooks can be reached via e-mail at

Stephen Maniam

Stephen Maniam is a Scottish, Irish, English, Indian-Malaysian mixed composer, double-bassist and music teacher who joined Nexus International School Putrajaya (NISP) in August 2014 as a music teacher. Living and working in Edinburgh, music has dominated his life since he was a teenager. Whilst his music is usually neither overtly religious nor pastoral, he is nonetheless deeply influenced by his Christian faith and a keen interest in mountaineering, cycling, distance running and visiting the planets wilder places.

Stephen’s first music teaching job was at one of the most prestigious music schools in the UK – Wells Cathedral School. Since then he has broadened his teaching horizons by learning to cope and thrive at some of the most challenging inner-city schools and most successful high-achieving academic schools in Scotland. Both instinctively and through reading current research, he believes that “musical knowing” is a unique and discrete form of knowledge that enhances a person’s creativity, well-being, problem-solving, social-skills, numeracy and IQ. Even without all of that, Stephen believes that music is one of the most enjoyable individual or group activities that can be engagingly practical and/or deeply academic and he loves being able to share his enthusiasm for his subject with his students.