AT TAYLOR'S: Jennette Tan (tan.jennette@kl.tis.edu.my)
An “All In One Rhythm” event was held on the grounds of Taylor’s International School in Kuala Lumpur  to raise funds for a local charity project run by Asian Youth Ambassadors. As part of the International Primary Curriculum 'World Cup' Unit, the entire division of the school was involved in a lively Brazilian Carnival with drumming, Capoeira dancing and loads of colourful clothing by all participants. As part of their learning about the needs of the community around them, this event was linked to the Street Kids Charity being promoted by FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association). Year 5 and 6 students rose to the Backpack Challenge to collect stationery items for children in a local community centre.

In addition to the school supplies, more than RM 8,000 was raised in cash which will be used to develop a school premises within a local community centre. Parents of TISKL students were very supportive in helping children to shop for their chosen items for their backpacks, and taking care to ensure that these would be items that these needy community children would find useful. TISKL students are excited about getting to meet their ‘buddy child’ in the near future.
The highlight of the event was the teacher-student match. TISKL principal, Mr. Peter Wells and Head of Primary, Ms. Lynne Cadenhead turned out to play to raise money for the event. Ms. Cadenhead notes, “In order for me to make an appearance, the students had to raise RM 2,000. To get Peter Wells on the field, the challenge was set at RM 3,000. These targets proved to be very easy for our generous parents and students and by noon, they had raised over RM 5000! In addition each student who wanted to come to the Brazilian Carnival in casual clothes was asked to pay a minimum of RM 5 for the good cause. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic and positive the children were about this project.” With such enthusiastic support a local charity was provided with educational supplies and a significant contribution to the facility itself. Those wishing to help with this worthy initiative can contact the community service coordinator at the school, Ms. Jeannette Tan at tan.jennette@kl.tis.edu.my

Written by Amelia Ooi