AT TAYLOR'S: Albert Ling (albert.ling@taylors.edu.my)
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Christmas Cheer 2013 was an event organized by the CSI Volunteers which aimed to provide homeless children a fun and memorable pre-Christmas party.  Chan Shu Ren, who organized the event for Taylor's University said it was an opportunity to show these children give these children a party, "as well as to fill them with love and care." On 20 December 2013, the CSI Volunteers welcomed a group of 24 children from the St. Barnabas Shelter Home (Klang) and 28 children from the Agathians Shelter Home (Petaling Jaya) with open arms upon their visit to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The staff from the Student Development Hub, headed up by Albert Ling, were there to help out in the event as well.

Christmas Cheer 2013 started off with some ice-breaker games for the kids such as the Musical Box.  The kids were told to sit in a circle while a ‘mystery box’ would be passed around as the music played. When the music stopped, the child holding the box would get to unwrap the ‘mystery box’ and perform the instructions written inside. Some of the instructions given were “Sing your favourite song,” or “Shake hands and introduce yourself to 10 new friends”. These games were intended to encourage the children to be bold and confident while speaking in front of a crowd and to help them feel more at home with each other. The last child to unwrap the ‘mystery box’ would get the present in it. 

Next, the children were divided into groups and played the Christmas Tree game. One of the children from each group would be the Christmas tree and the rest would dress him/her up with ribbons and coloured paper. Since the children from the winners are the one with the most creative and well decorated "Christmas Tree". Following the games and some Christmas caroling, dinner was served to the children and caretakers from both orphanages. The CSI Volunteers took the opportunity to talk to the some of the kids and the care takers to learn more about the homes and how they can be of help. At the end of the day, each child received a stationery set as a simple Christmas gift. 

St. Barnabas Home

St. Barnabas Home started as an orphanage in Klang for neglected and abused children with the objectives to provide shelter for the children in need, to cater for basic needs of the children and to nurture the children to their full potential.  Besides providing the children with physical amenities, St. Barnabas Home offers them education as well as spiritual and moral training to help them to become useful people in the future. The home which has been operated for 13 years currently provides shelter to 31 children, ranging from 6 years old to 19 years old. The home is currently run by George Walters, with the help of both paid staff and volunteers. The home depends on donations from well-wishers for funds. Please contact their website at http://sbcklang.org/sbhome.html 

Agathians Shelter Home

Agathians Shelter Home was founded in 2003 by a group of young adults. It was built to provide a home for unfortunate children from various backgrounds. Some of these children are orphaned, some of them are abandoned, while some only have a single parent who cannot afford to raise them. The ten volunteer committee members who manage the Agathians Shelter seek to comfort and strengthen the children, and through the help of  God’s divine compassion and love, heal their battered spirits.  Agathian's Shelter relies fully on public donations for its operations. The donations go to pay for expenses such as rent, utilities, food, education and medical bills.‚Äč Please contact their website at http://www.agathians.org/