AT TAYLOR'S: Janaronson Nagarajah (Janaronson.Nagarajah@taylors.edu.my)
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FeedOn is a social venture which will revolutionize food distribution to charity and also solve food wastage in Malaysia. It originally started out as a PBL (Project Based Learning) project for founder, Duncan Tsen’s semester project. The project started out in April 2015, and as it grew, it became an obsession and Duncan has decided to bring it out for something much more than a semester project. The app acts as an intermediary between corporate companies, volunteers, and charity organizations who are in need of food. The work process basically involved three parties:
  1. Corporate Companies – log on the app when having excess food
  2. Charity Homes – use the app to check/receive donations
  3. Feed On Volunteers – pick up the food and distribute it to the homes
To date, the team has visited three charity homes together with Miss Margaret Vani Simon, from Community at Heart for empathy research. Community at Heart is a non-profit organisation that joins hands to bring a positive change to the community. They had the chance to truly experience the lives of the neglected and abandoned children, sometimes eating only one meal a day. It was truly an eye-opener experience for many of them, as a result, they strived to make the project a success. Other than home visitations, the team also volunteered at Kechara Soup Kitchen to distribute food to the needy. 
This project is still ongoing, and the greatest achievement the team has done is to pitch their idea at the iLead Conference June 2015 to Kal Joffres, CEO and co-founder of Tandemic. He is interested in the initiative and offered valuable advice on how to further bring the project to reality.

Project leader, Duncan Tsen shared his views on the project, “This project provided us valuable insight on the world that is beyond what we see on an everyday basis. We feel humbled and privileged to not have to endure hunger and enjoy 3 healthy meals a day and a roof on our heads. We are so caught up in our own world that nobody is aware of the events that are conveniently overlooked. Food waste is one of the most prominent problems in Malaysia, whereby Malaysians waste a total of 8,000 tonnes of food in a single day. That amount of food is sufficient to feed an additional 6 million people. It is obvious that there is enough food for everyone, but does everyone have enough food?”

Other than food, the future plan is to scale up to other forms of donations like clothes, agriculture products such as vegetables, canned products, packet and bottled drinks, groceries and personal care products. The team is currently planning to build a user base to a point where it is large enough to be self-sufficient. Through that, the community will largely responsible for sustaining itself by interaction. They will continue with updates and maintenance of the application throughout the lifetime of this project.

For more information and updates on FeedOn!, please visit thheir Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FeedOnMalaysia, or drop Duncan an e-mail at duncan_0506@hotmail.com.

Written by Duncan Tsen