AT TAYLOR'S: Albert Ling (albert.ling@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: CSI Volunteers (taylors.csi@gmail.com)
As part of the Project HOME initiative, this charity challenge-run aims to raise RM40,000 to build a home for a Orang Asli family living in poverty. The Project HOME Charity Challenge Run was a marathon event held here in the sports complex of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on the 26th October 2014. The run was a collaboration between Community Service Initiatives and several other Club and Societies of Taylor’s University, namely the Dance Club, the Muay Thai Club, the Music Club, the Beatboxing Club, the Sky Adventure Club, the Photography Club, the Anime ClubETC. Magazine and the Toastmaster Club.

With more than a hundred eager participants, the day kicked off with an inspiring speech by the co-founder of EPIC Homes, Ms. Jayne Kennedy, who talked about the impact a group of individuals can bring to the community. Her encouraging words were catalysts to further raise the energy level of the participants. Prior to the run, the Muay Thai Club led a vigorous and blood-pumping warmup session for the participants. With their muscles ready, and their blood pumping, the group was then finally ready to run. Then, with a blast from the poppers and a resounding screech of the whistle, the HOME Charity Challenge Run kicked off!  
The running course was approximately 4.2km around the campus, and included thrilling challenges such as the Brick Transport and the Lung Capacity Challenge which were held for the participants to further test their stamina. Upon finishing, each participant took a part in building a small house to signify their contribution to this project.

The event was then concluded with tremendous performances by the Beatbox Club, Dance Club and Music Club with prizes given for the top ten male finishers, and top ten female finishers. Congratulations to all the winners!  Project HOME Charity Run managed to raise RM4,240.10 from this event, and all the funds will go to Project HOME to build a home for an Orang Asli family to improve their living conditions. Great job everyone!

Written by Nur Afiqa Binti Nazary