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The INKED campaign is an initiative by The Permanents under the Taylor’s Talent Management Programme (TMP), a program designed to complement top student’s study and extracurricular achievement by providing them with valuable working exposure. This campaign aims to raise awareness of verbal bullying and have a meaningful impact on society not just within the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus community, but also far beyond campus grounds. INKED also seeks to empower those who have been permanently scarred or INKED by the ordeal of verbal bullying and to show these people that the only way to stop the same thing from happening to others is to stand united and firm against verbal bullying.

The INKED campaign was held throughout April in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. At the INKED booth, students participated in the verbal bullying campaign by spray painting stencils of the words that have hurt them on a canvas provided with black spray paint, sponsored by Nippon Paint. Four canvases were prepared by The Permanents for each week of the campaign. A video-recording platform was also provided for students to voice the words that have hurt them, and declaring they will no longer be INKED by those abusive words. There were approximately 450 staff and students who participated in the campaign.


After the campaign all the canvases were stitched up and were used in the paint splashing finale event of INKED 2015 which was held on the 8th May 2015. There were approximately 150 attendees at the INKED finale event. Present at the event were also representatives from Taylor’s University Student Experience department, representatives from Child Line Malaysia and representatives from UNICEF Malaysia. In her opening speech, Datin P.H Wong, Project Director of Child Line Malaysia, said that most of the call-ins to the program concern physical bullying. However, the number of children and teenagers phoning in with reported verbal and emotional abuse problems have increased significantly, which is why this initiative by INKED is so timely.

The finale symbolized the breaking free from words that are used to chain and oppress others. The highlight of the event was the paint splashing activity where participants were invited to splash the INKED canvas with an array of different colours from Nippon paint. The finale also included performances by AMOURATaylor’s University Dance ClubTaylor’s University Music Club and Taylor's Society of Performing Arts, and a final unveiling of the finished canvas. The free food was sponsored by Good Friends Café and Desucco. After the finale event, the canvas is now being displayed in the SLC, along with an info poster that acts as a reminder of our verbal bullying campaign.

The organizing committee hopes that through this campaign there will be an increased awareness of verbal bullying, which is often an overlooked issue in our society. The committee also hopes that those who were part of this campaign will stand true to their pledge to say NO to verbal abuse; NO to verbal bullying.
For more information on INKED, visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/inked.permanents or e-mail them at Inked.permanents@gmail.com

Written by: Elisha Yeo Hui Shien and Amanda Woo Meijze