AT TAYLOR'S: Albert Ling (albert.ling@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Prosthesis Foundation Thailand (prothesesfoundation@hotmail.com)
YES WE CAN! is an effort by CSI Volunteers to support environmental care. The CSI Volunteers succeeded in building the largest mural made of tin cans and was recognized in the Malaysia’s Book of Records. The mural was made of 14,435 tin cans measuring at 19.5M long and 6.5M tall.

From September till November 2012, the CSI Volunteers encouraged peers and lecturers to recycle their cans by creating self-made bins to collect used tin cans and more than 17,000 tin cans were collected and hand-washed by the CSI Volunteers and also volunteers from Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College. The cans were painted, glued together, tied together and mounted to a wooden structure; all built by the volunteers themselves. The tin cans were later sold to recycling centers and the funds were to be transferred to the Prosthesis Foundation, Thailand; an organization which uses recycled aluminum to make parts in prosthetic limbs for those in need.​

This project was one of the many Community Service Initiatives under the Student Development Hub led by Albert Ling. The CSI Volunteers are young people who aspire to make a difference in the lives of the community. They focus on youth engagement and provide opportunities for campus students to inculcate a sense of volunteerism and social responsibility through various activities and events organized both locally and globally. These student-led initiatives partner with community service agencies to raise awareness, funds and support for the disadvanteged in society. Those interested in joining in helping with community outreach can contact Albert Ling at albert.ling@taylors.edu.my