AT TAYLOR'S: Vinitha Guptan (vinitha.guptan@taylors.edu.my)
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In order to encourage orphan children who miss the connection with family at Christmas, two orphanages were invited by the Taylor’s Business School to come to Taylor’s University for a Christmas celebration. Vinitha Guptan, the Dean of the School toured the students around the campus while her students entertained and fed the children while they were here. There were 62 children who visited Taylor’s Lakeside Campus that day. After the campus tour, lunch was provided by Taylor’s University. The main course featured fast food, and the desserts featured mountains of ice cream covered with candies and syrup.

"It was truly heart-warming seeing the elder ones helping the younger kids to get their food," noted Dean Guptan. Together with the staff, the students from Taylor’s Business school then helped the children to construct crafts, using candies and mash-mallows to make Christmas trees. As a final surprise, it was revealed that Taylor’s Business School had raised over RM 2, 500 for the children, and once the crafts were finished, the children were transported to the IOI Mall in Puchong to buy them Christmas gifts. Although it is not possible to wipe out all the suffering faced by these unfortunate children, nevertheless in this one act of kindness, Taylors Business School sent a message of love and acceptance to these kids at a special time of year.
Anbe Sivam Charity Home is a centre dedicated taking care of children with special needs. It began operating in 2005 and presently the home has 57 children under its care. The children have been diagnosed with several disabilities ranging from Down's Syndrome, to Autism, and Cerebral Palsy. The charity home is run by Mr. Muthuraja, a man widely commended for his selfless dedication and commitment to help the poor and disabled children and adults without receiving any government aid or grants. The Home is dependent on the charity of the public, both individuals and companies.
“Our primary objective of the care centre is to educate the children to be fully-functioning and be independent in their daily activities," Mr. Muthuraja notes. This includes educating the children from pre-school level right up to vocational training. “Our centre is equipped with air-conditioned living quarters, study room, a physiotherapy room and a trained-care giver. In this safe and loving environment, many of these children grow up, finish their education and are empowered to lead productive lives.”

Rumah Kids is a non-profit charitable home, founded by Jasmine and Ronald Ooi in 1991. It is now managed by Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S., registered with the Registrar of Society and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia. The home was built to care for children who have been orphaned, abused, and neglected. With an increase in the number of children facing such difficulties, it becomes increasingly important to provide places where these young lives are given the opportunities to find peace and security in their growing up years. Currently, Rumah KIDS shelters more than 60 children ranging from 3 to 14 years old in four separate houses with seven full-time staff and two part time staff as well as many volunteers.

Ms. Ooi shares that, “The aim of Rumah KIDS is to provide needy children with a family environment with access to education, nurture, and security, where children can realize their full potential. We dream of building an integrated community providing various services to displaced children that would include a family counseling centre. The community will provide a dynamic and positive setting that will enhance healing, change and transformation." Those seeking to help either of these organizations in this important work can see their contacts in the Partners page.