Nur-Izzati Zahirah Binti Che Ibrahim

Izzati reflects on her involvement with this enterprise, "My journey at DIB has taught me a lot of valuable life experiences which can never be learned solely from academic studies." These life experiences have been applications of the eight Taylor's Graduate Capacities that seek to encourage holistic learning among Taylor’s students. For the first capability – discipline specific knowledge – she has applied theories that she learned from her studies into practice such as providing marketing strategies to improve the sales of DIB coffee kiosk. For the second capability - lifelong learning - she researched extra business information to improve the proposal on the DiB project with her teammates. The third capability - thinking and problem solving skills – was developed as Izzati discussed strategies to solve the issues that faced by DiB coffee kiosk with her team by using critical thinking skills

Her communication skills improved by working at the coffee kiosk which required lots of interactions with customers, staff and colleagues. Her teamwork skills were developed when she prepared the proposal with her teammates. Her interpersonal skills improved as Izzati wrote her journal about DiB project. Her citizenship and global perspective skills developed through joining this project as Ms. Ibrahim became aware of the importance of giving back to society as a good citizen. The last graduate capability - digital literacy – was exercised as she communicated the proposal with her colleagues through social media. “I love doing community service and I don’t think I will stop anytime soon. This is just the beginning!" concluded Izzati.

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