AT TAYLOR'S: Dr. Yeoh Ken Kyid (kenkyid.yeoh@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: Taylor's Bizpod (bizpod@taylors.edu.my)
Taylor’s Business School’s Fresh Mart with its motto “Fresh Produce @ Great Prices!” is a small business enterprise managed and run by the Business students of Taylor’s University. This project aims to get students involved in business enterprise and enhance their learning experience in their undergraduate studies. However, the variety of fresh produce such as flowers, fruits and vegetables sold at the Fresh Mart is not only intended to develop business acumen and marketing savvy.
The objective of this initiative - integrated into the curriculum with measureable learning outcomes - is to bring local, authentic and sustainable produce to staff and students at Taylor’s University. This helps to educate our Taylor’s community about the origins of products and to facilitate an appreciation not only of our locally grown produce and producers, but to teach the interconnectedness of our academic community with the communities that surround and support us. The produce sold at Fresh Mart is in support of our local farming community and the orang asli people who work on the farms. Sixty sens of every ringgit of each sale is channeled to support local farmers and the orang asli community.
Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest agricultural supplier. The cool climate in Cameron Highlands not only makes it not only makes it ideal for growing tea, for which Malaysia is justifiable renowned, but also for growing vegetables and many varieties of fruit. Cameron Highlands is the nation’s leading producer of both flowers and tea in Malaysia, and attracts thousands of local and international tourists to its rolling hills every year. Being primarily an agricultural domain, Cameron Highlands contributes over RM2 billion worth of exports every year to the Malaysian economy.
TBS Fresh Mart is a social entrepreneurship initiative; a small business managed and run by the Business Degree students. Customers who are too busy to shop in person can even place their orders online at www.taylors.edu.my/bizpod. For every sale above RM20, customers will be given a free recyclable bio-degradable grocery bag. Students and staff who buy their produce at Fresh Mart are able to help the local farming community, and gain exposure to business enterprise through real business experiences and solutions and obtain good food right on the University campus. It is an initiative well worth supporting.