AT TAYLOR'S: Anna Edward (graceanna.e@taylors.edu.my)
PROJECT PARTNER: SPCA Selangor (enquiries@spca.org.my)

To teach the students and also the staff about caring for animals and animals’ rights, the Public Relations students of Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADP) recently organized series of interesting and fun activities related to the event at the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The two-day fundraising event to support the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor started as early as 10am and several of the games booths had students doubling up in laughter. One of the highlights of the event was cracking open a piƱata while wearing a blindfold. Those with a penchant for fashion could sign-up for Meow-nicure packages supported by Golden Kimby Nails & Waxing Beauty Salon.There was even a Fur-tobooth where visitors could get a souvenir of the event and leave their handprints for posterity.

Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, Dean of ADP, said: “Events like this teach our students to become more engaged in the community and expand their boundaries. They help to develop a respect all life and the importance of giving back to society. Education is a powerful weapon, not just for critical thinking, but also to build character. At the end of the day, we seek to promote a holistic learning experience which is basically what American education is all about.”

The Furry Tails fundraiser saw animal lovers participating in a variety of fun filled activities designed to raise funds, to bring attention to the plight of unwanted animals, the necessity for more space in current animal shelters, and come to understand the need to neuter pets to prevent animal abuse of unwanted litters. Another interesting activity that the school prepared was the K9 Police Dog Show. Participants of the event watched in awe as the police canine dogs carried out simulated drug searchers showing off their heightened sense of smell and thorough training. The demonstration also saw The Royal Malaysian Police’s Sergeant Major Raj speaking to the crowd about the perils of drug possession and the job of narcotics dogs in the police force.
Lorna Fisher, Chief Operations Officer of the Selangor SPCA said, “We strongly believe that educating the public about animal welfare, especially the younger generation is very important as we hope they will become the voice for the voiceless.” She gave a demonstration of Good K9 Ownership showing the importance of having a well-trained dog that is socialized to behave properly in public spaces. “This is important especially when we are living in a multi-racial country like Malaysia where religious and cultural sensitivities must always take precedence,” added Ms. Fisher. She also introduced one of SPCA’s mascots, Zoey, a three-legged Golden Retriever, that was rescued from an illegal puppy mill.
Dr. Nazarechuk went on to say that he was pleased that students from Taylor’s ADP had undertaken this initiative. “These are our future leaders; the movers and shakers of tomorrow. Events of this nature will help to make these young and impressionable people exemplary individuals,” he suggested. The fun and laughter kept the crowd going all day. The simulated drug searches featured Police canine dogs that were friendly enough to be petted. Their demonstration was a showstopper. By the end of the event, a total of RM3,000 had been raised for the SPCA and a fun and educational time was had by all.
For more information of Furry Tails and other projects by the Taylor’s ADP, please contact Senior Lecturer of ADP, Ms. Anna Edward at graceanna.e@taylors.edu.my  

Written by Anna Edward